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UK Visit Package - Vaccinated

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 The Fit to fly PCR tests are mandatory depending on the country that you are travelling to. Please check with your airline or the government website of the country that you are travelling to prior to booking.

The Day 2  test will be mandatory for anyone arriving to the UK who is  fully vaccinated. You will need to book this package before arriving to the UK from a Non-red country. This is so you can enter details of your test into your passenger locator form.

You must have the Day 2 test on your 2nd full day of isolation, or earlier. If you arrive back in the UK on a Monday, your 2nd full day would be Wednesday. Your Day 8 test would be taken on the following Tuesday

Please arrive just before your appointment time to help manage the flow of patients

One of our trained members of staff with assist you with your testing

Your covid-19 test sample will be sent out to one of our testing labs in London.

All our testing labs are UKAS accredited (approved by UK Government).

Once the sample reaches the lab then sample will be analysed and a result will be produced within the next day.

Your result will be reviewed by a member of our staff and you will be emailed with a fit-to-fly certificate in PDF format.

Click here to book your day 5 test to release.

✔ Covid-19 RT PCR Test.

✔ Day 2 Results are typically issued on the same day that the test was taken.

✔ Self swab test 

✔ Gold standard test for accuracy and quality. Fully compliant and recognised worldwide. 99.9% accurate.

✔ This test can be booked well in advance.

✔ Price includes: Test / Laboratory Analysis /  Medical Certificate

DHSC accreditaion

PCR Travel

PCR travel is a company specialising in diagnostic testing for those who require PCR tests when travelling to and from the UK.

We are committed to supplying high quality testing kits. All of our testing kits are MHRA approved. Our Antigen and antibody tests are supplied by ROCHE who are a market leading laboratory diagnostics company.

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